Youth Workshops

Photography and Solution Art is for middle and high school students who would like to channel their creative side to help animals. The Photography class will feature a range of animals, and give the opportunity to photograph adoptable animals. The class will also go over designing and creating adoption portfolios. Solution Art is art created in order to solve an issue and will focus on animal rights to construct solutions to the issues. Art, Animals & Activism will use this type of creative outlet to encourage youth to think about innovative solutions for a kinder world for animals.

Cost: $50

Duration: 2 hours


Do you love taking photographs of animals? Want to use your photography skills to help out homeless animals? Our new workshop allows you the opportunity to meet a range of animal species and learn tips and tricks on how to create an adoption portfolio. Our two-hour session will go over how social media can help increase adoption rates and get the opportunity to photograph adoptable animals in our studio.


  • Camera with SD disk or fully charged cell phone with camera abilities
  • Access to Social Media account strongly encouraged but not required


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Animals, Art & Activism

Dive into this Animals, Art & Activism workshop as a method of addressing animal rights topics through the use of artwork. Participants will explore deeper messages behind art activism and have the opportunity to create their own art piece. All materials will be provided at the time of the event.


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