Centro de Bienestar Felino

Veterinarian cuddling kitty - Feline WellnessOur Feline Wellness Center is located on the lower level of Pets Unlimited at our Pacific Heights campus at 2343 Fillmore St. This tranquil space provides your cat with a quiet, calming environment free of the noise and stress of a typical veterinary hospital waiting room. Your cat will be seen by one of our cat-approved veterinarians who specialize in the care of feline companions.  All our Feline Wellness Center veterinarians are active members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

What our clients say: “Zachary had the pleasure of being the first patient in the new Wellness Clinic. The staff was courteous, upbeat and kind, and the facilities were so nice. We felt like we’d been to the spa. Thank you!”

To make an appointment for a check-up in our Feline Wellness Center, call our appointment line at 415.563.6700.

Did You Know?

Studies show that older cats visit the veterinarian less often than younger cats and that guardians of indoor cats are less likely to place a priority on veterinary care than guardians of outdoor cats. Meanwhile, canine companions are more than twice as likely to visit their veterinarian every year than their feline counterparts!

  • Forty-one percent of cat guardians visit the veterinarian only for vaccinations. 
  • Thirty-nine percet of cat guardians say they would only take their cat to the veterinarian if the cat was sick. 
  • Sixty percent of cat guardians report that their cat hates going to the veterinarian.
  • Thirty-eight percent of cat guardians report that they get stressed just thinking about bringing their cat to the vet.

Annual wellness exams should occur at least once a year for all cats, and more frequently for senior cats and those with chronic conditions. Felines are masters of disguise and are particularly adept at hiding illness. Whether your cat is primarily indoors or has an occasional outdoor adventure, establishing a healthy baseline and a positive relationship with your veterinarian is critical in ensuring that your cat lives a healthy, happy life.